German engineering and functional design by REVOLUTION DESIGN RACING PRODUCTS

RDRP0266 - Buggy Wing Button


The Revolution Design Racing Products Buggy Wing Buttons are designed to improve wing fitment and security on both 1/8th and 1/10th scale buggies. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminium the buttons help to securely fasten both polycarbonate and moulded wings, prolonging the life of both the wing mount and wing. Machined holes for countersunk screws make for easy and convenient wing mounting, with the buttons being usable with most wing mounts that use screws over the standard body clip solution. The buttons come in the five different colours of "Tamiya" light blue, "Yokomo" dark blue, black, orange and red.


The RDRP Buggy Wing Buttons fit most 1/8th and 1/10th scale buggies that use screw-type wing mounts.


- Anodised aircraft-grade aluminium.


#RDRP0266-LBL Buggy Wing Buttons (light blue)

#RDRP0266-BLU Buggy Wing Buttons (dark blue)

#RDRP0266-BLK Buggy Wing Buttons (black)

#RDRP0266-ORA Buggy Wing Buttons (orange)

#RDRP0266-RED Buggy Wing Buttons (red)

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