German engineering and functional design by REVOLUTION DESIGN RACING PRODUCTS

RDRP0310 - XB2 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Chassis


The Revolution Design Racing Products XB2 2.5mm carbon fibre chassis is a direct replacement for the standard Xray alloy chassis. 0.5mm thicker than the kit part, the carbon fibre chassis offers optimised flex characteristics, especially aimed at low to medium-grip clay tracks. On top of this the increased thickness adds much needed strength to the rear end of the chassis, doing away with breaking issues experienced with other carbon fibre chassis.


The XB2 2.5mm carbon fibre chassis is a direct fit on both the Dirt and Carpet Spec XB2 kits.


- High-grade 2.5mm carbon fibre.


#RDRP0310 XB2 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Chassis

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