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RDRP0311 - Xray 1/10 Titanium Shock Mounts


The RDRP Xray Titanium Shock Mount Set was developed for Xray's 1/10th scale off-road vehicles such as the XB2 and XB4. The 1-piece mounts are a direct replacement for the kit's standard steel parts and they greatly reduce the overall weight thanks to the lightweight titanium material. With the lower weight in one of the highest areas of the vehicles the parts also improve the handling especially in high-bite conditions.


A direct fit on Xray's 1/10th scale off-road vehicles.


- Material: Grade 5 titanium

- Fits: Xray XB2, XB4, XT2

- Replaces original Xray part 368045

Part Number

RDRP0311 Xray 1/10 Titanium Shock Mount

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