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RDRP0299 - B6 Titanium Front Axle Set w/shims


The RDRP B6 Titanium Front Axle Set is a direct replacement for the standard aluminium axle. Thanks to the Grade 5 titanium material the axles are both lightweight and tough, making them the ideal choice for hardcore racing. Included comes an aluminium shim set to adjust the track width in a ±1mm range, allowing to adapt the steering feeling and side bite to your likings. The design of the axle furthermore makes using an "outlaw" setting possible for all non-sanctioned racing classes and club racing. Running the buggy in the widest configuration further enhances the overall steering and grip created.


A direct fit on both the B6 and B6D


- Material: Grade 5 titanium and high-quality aluminium

- Includes 4pcs aluminium shims to adjust track width in 0.5mm increments.

- Fits: Team Associated B6 and B6D

Part Number

RDRP0299 B6 Titanium Front Axle Set w/shims

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