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RDRP0409 - B64 Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower


The RDRP B64 Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower is a direct fit on the Team Associated B64 kits. It utilises the standard kit geometry but sports an updated design for improved looks and greater durability, making it especially useful on those demanding dirt and astro turf tracks. On top of this allows an additional lower row of rear camber link mounting holes for an optimised rear roll centre which can be beneficial in a variety of track conditions. The rear shock stay is cut from high-quality carbon fibre and it fits both the B64 and B64D buggies.


A direct fit on both the B64 and B64D.


- Material: High-quality carbon fibre

- Fits: Team Assocaited B64 and B64D

Part Number

RDRP0409 B64 Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower

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