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RDRP0452-2mm - EB410 Carbon Fibre Shock Tower Rear -2mm


The Revolution Design Racing Products Carbon Fibre Shock Tower for the Tekno EB410 1/10th 4WD buggy does away with the somewhat bulky and unsightly standard plastic part. While improving the overall looks of the buggy the lightweight carbon fibre part will also save a good amount of weight, which results in a lower centre of gravity and thus less body roll during cornering and hence higher overall speeds. The rear “-2mm” specification shock tower is used in combination with the gearbox riser shims, it corrects the suspension geometry and droop settings, and it is machined from high-quality 4mm glossy finish carbon fibre.


A direct fit on the EB410 buggy when using rear gearbox raiser plates.


- Material: High-quality 4mm glossy finish carbon fibre

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RDRP0452-2mm  EB410 Carbon Fibre Shock Tower Rear -2mm

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