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RDRP0355-9-ORA - XB4 9° Caster Block Set


The 9 degree caster blocks for the Xray XB4 series of buggies are of a greatly improved design that allows to easily adjust the camber link ball stud position and thus camber link length and roll centre by simply adding or removing shims. The multi-piece design was used on rear uprights before and is now available for the front hubs. While offering the standard kit geometry the hubs also allow to run shorter links which can be beneficial in a range of track conditions. The lightweight design and aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium adds only minimal unsprung weight while still being sturdy and durable. RDRP's C-hubs are usable on all XB4-series buggies and they are also available in a 12 degree variant.


A direct fit on all XB4 series buggies.


- Material: Anodised high-quality aluminium

Part number

RDRP0355-9-ORA XB4 9° Caster Block Set

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